Caf'e×IZAKAYA plachaya(プラチャヤ)
Caf'e×IZAKAYA plachaya(プラチャヤ)

Access: Sakurayama Shrine is opposite, a colorful shop on foot 30 seconds walk is Plachaiah ♪


★ PARTY course 2 H with 8 drinks 4000 yen

★ PARTY course 2 H with 8 drinks 4000 yen

4000 yen

It is also cute and tasty consent ★ It is highly satisfactory PARTY course ♪ Ideal for small group size ◎ Recommended for girls' party, anniversary · birthday etc. ★


Appetizer platter

Broiled sushi autumn sweet fish carpaccio

Romaine lettuce Broiled Caesar salad thickened bacon


Four shellfish with ahijo baguettes

Du Ching choked pork loinsteak olive sauce tailoring

Genovese pasta with tomato and mozzarella


The contents of the dishes are subject to change without notice depending on the purchase situation of ingredients.