Caf'e×IZAKAYA plachaya(プラチャヤ)
Caf'e×IZAKAYA plachaya(プラチャヤ)

Access: Sakurayama Shrine is opposite, a colorful shop on foot 30 seconds walk is Plachaiah ♪


Waffle & seasonal smoothies ♪ Girls' Generation Plan 3500 yen 7 dishes All you can drink 3h

3500 yen

All-you-can-drink unlimited 3h dessert and dessert is a nice plan for girls with Prachya proud waffles and smoothies ♪ Of course it is for women's customers only!


· Antipast mist

· Mexican salad

· Arijio with a capped shrimp and coloring vegetables

· Freshly baked Juicy ♪ Duck Roast - Red Wine Sauce Sauce

· Plenty of Cheese Carbonara

· Seasonal Smoothies

· Maple & cinnamon baked waffle with apple butter saute

※ The contents may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation of ingredients.